Rush The Cube 2016

Welcome potential Cubesters to Recruitment 2016! This year, we're structuring rush a bit differently. We'd like all rushees to attend either our Monday or Tuesday event (or hopefully both!) in advance of dinner on Wednesday. There, we will unveil this year's rush challenge and Cube application which will let you impress us with your ingenuity. Then, we're conducting interviews all day Thursday at Von der Heyden (The Perk) before this year's Challenge Day (more info to come).

Please email us at with any questions or concerns

The Cube Welcomes Its New Members!

After an intense rush process, The Cube is proud to welcome the new rush class of 2014 to be official members! Here's to another fantastic year at The Cube!

Rush The Cube Challenge 2014

This year, as one of our rush events, we challenged our rushees to make something that will impact Duke students in 48 hours. This is what they came up with!

Fratspeak @ 0:12 | PickUp @ 0:52 | DateMake @ 1:47 | SafeBike @ 2:40 | Culturize @ 3:32

Aim: To gauge the thought processes, entrepreneurial spirit and potential of Rushees and to facilitate collaboration between the incoming batch and existing InCubers

Challenge Prompt: Develop and implement (as much as possible) an idea that impacts the Duke Community or a subset of the Duke Community within 48 hours. This can be either for-profit or non-profit -- with revenue potential or seeking positive social change.


  • Briefing: 22 January 2100 hours @ 205 Alexander Room D

  • Challenge: 22 January 2200 hours - 24 January 2200 Hours (48 Hours)

  • Presentation: 24 January 2200 hours @ 205 Alexander Room D


  • Teams are to contain a maximum of 3 rushees
  • Teams will account for their efforts and be clear about individual contributions during the presentation
  • Each team has 5 minutes to present and will have 3 minutes of Q&A
  • Existing InCube Members are to make themselves available to provide technical/domain expertise but should strive not to drive the effort

Thanks so much to Daniel Chander for organizing this event!

Application For The Cube's 2014 Rush

The Cube's 2014 Rush Application is now open and accepting entries. All who would like to have an interview should apply!

Apply here!

The Cube’s Rush 2014 Events Calendar Is Out!

Get ready for 3 weeks of shenanigans, innovation and creativity! We have some pretty awesome events lined up for all you prospective Cubesters! Check out our join us page for more details about the events and sign up for rush updates on the sidebar.